6 DoF Motion Based Simulator with Horizontal: 180° x Vertical: 60° FOV Visuals  Fixed Based Full Dome Simulator with Horizontal: 300° x Vertical: 162° FOV Visuals Fixed Based Semi Dome Simulator with Horizontal: 180° x Vertical: 160° FOV Visuals Flight Training Devices with Semi Dome Simulator with Horizontal: 180° x Vertical: 160° FOV Visuals Integrated Smart Multi-Function Displays Computer Aided Learning System Make in India

Setup in 2007, Halbit Avionics is the culmination of years of cooperation between the two aerospace leaders - HAL and Elbit, towards building a foundation of complementary capabilities.

Halbit Avionics focuses on design, development, integration, operation and maintenance of the avionics, simulators and training systems. Its unique blend of expertise to support legacy systems through technology & capability upgrade is available for wide variety of platforms having different origins.

Halbit products employ proven technologies in simulator motion platform, cockpit systems, visual systems, flight models and real time executive required for end to end solution.


  • Halbit successfully delivered Computer Aided Learning System (CALS) to IAF & Indian Navy.

  • Halbit successfully delivered Flight Training Devices (FTD) Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPT)& Avionics Part Task Trainers (APTT)for HAWK aircraft to IAF & Indian Navy.

  • Halbit contracted with IAF for 2 Years Comprehensive AMC for Mirage Mission Simulator.

Our Products


Halbit offers a wide range of simulation solutions starting from part-task trainers, procedure trainers, and flight training devices to full mission simulators. Offering turnkey solutions...

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Computer Aided Learning System

To provide an e-learning platform for operation & maintenance of an aircraft, ship, submarine, helicopter or ground equipment with rich & interactive...

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Halbit offers Avionic solutions consisting of advanced cockpit displays, controls and instruments.The system provides Engine parameters, Fuel parameters, Hydraulic and...

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Ground Test Rig

Ground test rig solution are offered particularly for carrying out integration testing of avionic systems.The Ground test Rigs are designed to the customer specifications...

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